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SWEDEN  1998 C70 Volvo   Swedish 1998 c70


1998 C70 Volvo

 1998 C70 Volvo Being updated with IPD Turbo Control Valve and blue silicon vacuum
 tubing new flex for the aging wiring harness. Swedish Cat-Back Sport Exhaust System by TME provides
 the unrestricted sound, The Volvo sits on 18" factory BBS wheels 225-45-18 Pirelli P Zero All Season
Plus tires and 302mm  big brakes, IPD 25/22mm black sway bars with Koni Adjustable shocks/struts ,
Eibach springs on all four corners, Adjustment  full soft in the rear and fronts is the way to go,
nice luxury ride with no ricer bounce.

TME Exhaust

Mobile1 is the lubricant of choice for the 2.3 liter turbo charged engine

18"BBSIPD Sway Bars